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unfair + cheating players


Monday 5th March 2007, 16:43 GMT
hi all, are there any measures taken to prevent players to join a game multiple times?

I mean it should be forbidden for a player to rejoin the same game he just lost. also it should not be able to play the same game with two or three home territories simultaneously (with 2 or 3 accounts). did anyone else also noticed that those players who are meant to be great players (regarding their scores) tend to use these unfair practices more often?



Monday 5th March 2007, 20:06 GMT
Hi kris,

As to people creating multiple accounts and playing the same game with them, then that is NOT allowed... if I find anyone doing this, then all of their account's will be disabled immediately... however, it is very hard to prove (I don't want to disable accounts for legitimate players).

So, please let me know if you do suspect anyone cheating with multiple accounts.


But being able to re-join a game, well that is perfectly acceptable... really anyone who does join late a game is at quite a disadvantage already (everyone else should have had a chance to get lots of reinforcements).

Best Regards,


Monday 5th March 2007, 21:19 GMT
I think I raised the same subject about rejoining the game elsewhere, I don't really like it, but I have done it myself. It all comes down to planning your game play to take this possiblity into account - don't overstretch your forces, keep vacant countries covered just in case and so on. It is annoying but anyone can do it!


Monday 5th March 2007, 23:54 GMT
This is when starting battalions make the most difference. The key is to have enough reserve forces to overwhelm a newcomer/rejoiner. I find it a perfectly acceptable move when the action delays are longer than the reinforcement delays.

Multiaccounting is, however, absolutely out of the question.


Wednesday 7th March 2007, 12:02 GMT
Players in game 3 are defeated numerous times. I like, that U gave me a chance to demolish one player repeatedly in one game. It just feels good.
But 60 starting battalions is too much for so slow game. Everything, that is allowed, is not honored.

btw, it's allowed for me and kris to give all our countries, after getting max reinforcements to ally, so ally can also get max reinforcements. But we don't do that. Guess why.

WY retired, though good game... waiting v4