Domination Game

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After a global holocaust the world is in ruin, the entire planet has had virtually all life removed from its surface, all new technologies lost; only a few villagers have survived. Slowly they have grown and formed basic territories around the globe.

You are the leader of a territory, but you know your neighbours want your land and to remove you as well as your people from this area, giving them the potential to expand their settlement. As your enemies plot behind your back, moving their forces into position, you must in turn recruit your villagers, and make up your own army to tackle their attacks.

To remove the threat, you must attack them, convert them to your way of thinking, and go on until you never have to worry about these kinds of hazards again. You can do this by taking over the world.

The area of land owned by you will fluctuate dramatically as you and the enemy goes head to head. This will mean many deaths, but it will be worth it.

Welcome to the new world.
A world of new possibilities,
Where the enemy is out there!

Welcome to...