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score change

miss songlore

Monday 27th November 2006, 21:02 GMT
I made my first game on here and I set it for only making a move per day and I had two points from trying to take one of the black spots.

It's one point now and I know that probably if I went and got another point for attacking again, it'd go down another one or something like that.

Is it because I'm doing such a slow game?
Perhaps the rate of decay should start and end at a certain low score instead of always working from whatever number you have.

Perhaps 50 or something. I don't know about this. I'm the normal board game risk player(killer dice roller).

comrade tiki

Monday 27th November 2006, 21:10 GMT
This is caused by the score deterioration...and I agree with you. Perhaps the daily loss should be floor(ed) to prevent it from impacting the smaller scores.

Also, I noticed something with you too. Currently, when you click on your name/score, it brings you to .../member/scoreboard/ and this all works very well, except for the fact that if you're not in the top 50 you cannot find your ranking. Is it theoretically possible to display, for smaller scorers, the ranking of oneself (compared to all Dom players) at the end of the top 50 list we know as the Scoreboard?


Wednesday 29th November 2006, 0:46 GMT
Good thinking there... the score decay no longer applies to members with 100 points or less.

Also your name should appear at the bottom of the scoreboard (without a position) when you login and do not have enough points to be ranked in the top 50.