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look at supreme ownage!


Tuesday 1st April 2003, 19:41 GMT
10000 men in southern europe, and red is 'browner'

<a target='_blank' href=''>Click to see!</a>


Tuesday 1st April 2003, 19:41 GMT
damn, links dont work

paste the address into the address bar to see it!


Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 17:37 GMT
Well done eliminos, but to help people who have 56k modems (or less) can you press 'alt' + 'print screen' when taking a screen shot to only copy the currently active window :)  


Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 17:51 GMT
oh, it was alt, i tried all but that  


Thursday 3rd April 2003, 6:04 GMT
And then, due to overpopulation, the Black Death struck heavily again all throughout europe...  


Thursday 26th June 2003, 18:56 GMT
I've got 13k now, but i'm afraid i can't prove it, since i'm playing at an public computer, on which i can't copy my desktop :(  


Sunday 12th September 2004, 7:37 GMT

Sure, it's only five thousand, but it's distributed evenly!