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Monday 3rd May 2004, 18:16 GMT
help i have no cliue what to do could anyone give me few starting tips ta  


Tuesday 4th May 2004, 18:48 GMT
First you need to join a game (if you haven't already). Each game is unique, providing you with varying amount of battalions (army size) and different speeds (some games the actions can take days to complete, others can take seconds).

Once in, you need to search for battalions, which is done using the reinforcements feature. You must keep doing this whenever you can - otherwise you wont have an army left

When you have enough battalions (for your initial attack), go to the main page, click the name of your territory (bit like a country)n and send an amount of battalions on there way.


1) When sending battalions into an empty territory (conquer action), never send more than 18.

2) When attacking an enemy territory, send 1 battalion initially, which will tell you how many battalions your enemy has.

3) If you ever get lost, have a look at the 'New Member Help' found in the navigation on the right hand side.

Good luck!