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World Map Suggestion


Thursday 18th September 2008, 5:20 GMT
There should be a Carribean region, split the Eastern US into the Northeastern US and the "South." The easterly part of the Western USA should be split off into the great plains.

Afghanistan could have it's top cut off, and given to Ural. Otherwise Ural looks a bit awkward.


Wednesday 24th September 2008, 23:08 GMT
Hi Ryacko,

I've been thinking about your suggestions, and the seem fair enough... but will need to get some more feedback from some of the other players.

For some background though, the map uses the same layout as the game "Risk", which presumably used quite a bit of research to create... so any changes would need to be for the right reasons.

Something to consider is why make the change... is it for game play or political reasons?

For example, is creating a Caribbean region going to help game play... my first thought is that it will slow down the game when moving to North/South America (I tend to use the Eastern edge of America to move from Greenland to South America).