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TWO New Maps!

comrade tiki

Friday 16th May 2008, 19:00 GMT
Two new maps have been added to Domination for your gaming pleasure! I've designed, developed, and tested them both over the past few months to make sure they're in working order - - and the administrator Krang finally approves of them just in time to keep the action around here from grinding to a halt.

First, we have "Britannia", a map of the United Kingdom with its territories modelled using the local geography and ancient Roman boundaries. "Britannia" has about 31 territories, which leaves it a good half-way between "Europe"'s 21 and the "World"'s 42 territory counts.
The layout will feel roughly the same as that of "World", with the Ireland continent mingling with the mainland along limited water connections. Enjoy the fictional civil wars sure to follow.

Second, we now have access to the fictional world map named "Zeden". There are plenty of isolated and also surrounded territories in this one, and forces can even cross the north pole using the aptly named 'Axiom'. Start re-thinking your battalion routes!
Much of this map is a sprawling inland melee, which should create some great variety from what we're all used to. I took the liberty of creating terrain for this map to make it more believable, to bring it to reality, to give it a credence worth fighting over. In this manner it imitates my first add-on map, the islands of "Santorini". But much unlike "Santorini", "Zeden" has a complete 43 territories (to prove that "World" is not the largest a map can be!).