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Second player, same IP

comrade tiki

Tuesday 21st November 2006, 1:09 GMT
I just want to say that my girlfriend is now itching to join Domination. (yay)

Since I already play in nearly every active game, I would just like to notify you that the same IP might show up for her account and mine. (I use her laptop frequently. I am very cheap!)

I'll get her to post here after she registers soon in order to show what account she has, and I will also list all of my accounts out of respect for absolute discretion in this manner:
- comrade tiki
- j lorenz
- jplanky
- mp
- tfe
- tiki

comrade tiki

Tuesday 21st November 2006, 2:55 GMT
Aww, shucks... Krang, is it possible for you to add a space to an account name, or perhaps delete it so it may be reborn?

She tried MissSonglore, but I forgot to inform her of the lack of capital letters. It's now 'misssonglore' so she would like a space in between the two words (miss songlore).


Tuesday 21st November 2006, 6:55 GMT
wy_mentat is also known as


Tuesday 21st November 2006, 19:14 GMT
No problem... renamed to "miss songlore".

Thanks for listing your accounts... and just to repeat for anyone who does not already know, I am absolutely fine with people having multiple accounts, its when those multiple accounts join the same game is it a problem.

comrade tiki

Thursday 23rd November 2006, 4:01 GMT
Many thanks, Krang! I would get her to post right now, but she's too distracted by a PS2. :P
Now that her name is legible, I hope I'll get her to be reinforcing in no time.


Thursday 23rd November 2006, 18:39 GMT
A PS2... playing games... interested in a Geek... shes a keeper!


miss songlore

Monday 27th November 2006, 2:36 GMT
I beat that ps2 game. Xenosaga 3. may not seem like much..except I killed every optional boss and got the power to do about 100,000 per attack with that boss's power. Erde Kaiser Sigma it's called. Two hits for everyone but the final boss, who took three hits of it and died.