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Recruitment Suggestion


Saturday 15th January 2011, 22:22 GMT
In game start, I should be able to modify unit recruitment slightly, such as create a 200% modifier or some such. That way the world can treble under my hordes of armies.


Monday 17th January 2011, 1:02 GMT
As in a cheat, so you get reinforcements, but no one else does?



Tuesday 18th January 2011, 20:48 GMT

As a modifier. Such as you get 2x as many reinforcements as normal.

comrade tiki

Thursday 20th January 2011, 4:29 GMT
You're not very good at describing stuff... or balancing, for that matter. 200% is a little much, for any bonus (...except something victimless like conquering).

Increased reinforcement is an optional benefit to armies within my current design document that plans for something Dom-like. There are two reinforcement options, in fact... increased reinforcement at the borders only, or increased reinforcement distributed throughout. The penalty of selecting one (or both) of these is, of course, missing out on other opportunities for increased army efficiency.
I have a matrix containing codenames for most of the benefit combinations. You might like what the intersect of the two reinforcement bonuses is named... "the Propagandist".


Tuesday 8th February 2011, 22:23 GMT
okay, a pre-game global modifier for reinforcements, that the game creator game maximize or decrease at will.

comrade tiki

Thursday 17th February 2011, 10:42 GMT
Good show, I now understand the suggestion even less !! :-P

comrade tiki

Thursday 17th February 2011, 23:22 GMT
Alright, I'm beginning to understand the suggestion. You basically mean tweaking the scale of reinforcements, unique for each game.

It'd be totally arbitrary, really. But I think you might be interested in knowing that starting-battalions slightly affects this.

Starting with 1 battalion, reinforcements will mostly be fairly low. They increase some as the starting force goes up to 2000. I guess you could call it inflation, or view it as overall militarization.