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general ego

Thursday 10th May 2007, 4:50 GMT
The conquer value of a nation/area. Does a high number mean hard to conquer or easy to keep??

comrade tiki

Thursday 10th May 2007, 10:33 GMT
The conquer value is actually a bonus whilst scouting a neighbouring territory (FROM the one with the value in question). While it may be said to be one of the least important values of a territory, a starting territory with a good conquer bonus could assure you of early growth.

A conquer bonus of 4 is as good as sending 1.5 times the number of battalions on a scouting party.

However, if you believe that could be modified to make more sense, I suppose it could be.


Thursday 10th May 2007, 18:25 GMT
Hi general ego,

Just to clarify, a 'conquer' action is when you take over an empty territory... and it's the source territories 'conquer' bonus which helps you do that.

If an enemy already exists at the destination, then it will be an 'attack' action, with the 'attack' bonus of the source territory helping you.

Whereas, in an 'attack', the 'defend' bonus of the destination territory (the enemy) will help prevent your success.

And finally the 'reinforce' bonus just helps you find more battalions in your home territory.


general ego

Sunday 13th May 2007, 2:49 GMT
Ok thanx a lot.

One more quick question :P.

The reinforcement value... does only the reinforcement of your central area count? Or does conquering areas with high reinforcement values add to how many you can get? Or do you get a certain amount per area that you own....

comrade tiki

Sunday 13th May 2007, 4:12 GMT
Although considered, the complexity of including conquered territory values was overbearing. Reinforcements are determined by four things:
- Home territory reinforcement value (to a degree)
- Number of conquered territories (second most prominent)
- Starting battalions (to a degree)
- Luck (first most prominent)


general ego

Monday 14th May 2007, 23:21 GMT