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Sunday 27th August 2006, 14:49 GMT
does quantity of owned countries affect the number of armies I get?


Sunday 27th August 2006, 15:16 GMT
and feel free, to give other useful game tips


Monday 28th August 2006, 11:47 GMT
like does anyone know how battle results are calculated??


Tuesday 29th August 2006, 1:33 GMT
1. Yes, each territory gives you a slight  bonus.
2. x/y where x=# of attacking battaliond and y=# of defending battalions.


Tuesday 29th August 2006, 19:32 GMT
On 2, X/Y determines the chance of success. The losses are somewhat random; victories with 1/2 to 1 surviving and defeat with 0 to under 1/2 surviving, I think.

If you own half of World, you will be getting around 12 battalions per search, to give you an idea of the growth speeds.

A useful tip is waiting to advance your attack. Let the enemy take the territory you started from, and if your attack fails, the retreating survivors will attack a second time, against the territory which they were sent from.


Wednesday 30th August 2006, 18:31 GMT
Ah, the ol' ricochet technique.


Friday 1st September 2006, 3:25 GMT
Works best with a few small groups.


Friday 13th October 2006, 22:03 GMT
New Question. I see that the attack code has been changed. It there some sort of curve?


Saturday 14th October 2006, 18:36 GMT
Hi elryacko,

Have a look at the "Calculations" topic to see how the maths behind this game works (well.. how it works at the moment).