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Saturday 3rd October 2009, 22:50 GMT
I only found this site today, and I notice that it has been a  very long time since the forum has been used. Two games were up when I came on however (I won one), but is anyone else here?


Sunday 4th October 2009, 21:18 GMT
Hi rmcd,

I must admit I have kind of left this game to run by itself. It was created when I was learning website programming, and updated a few times since. But other than that, I kind of let it run by itself (unfortunately other commitments get in the way).

There are a few active members, but I think you would get most enjoyment out of it by arranging a quick match with some friends, so you are all playing at the same time.

Craig (the admin).


Sunday 4th October 2009, 23:54 GMT
Thanks for replying Craig, doubt I have many friends who have even heard of Risk, never mind know how to play it. I'm used to just playing single-player (the other Domination), but of course the AIs aren't very difficult, so it would be nice to play an unpredictable human.