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Nice Notice


Tuesday 9th November 2004, 22:33 GMT

I logged in to find me as No 1 - thats a nice login event - thanks!

- JC (ojmsites)  


Wednesday 10th November 2004, 19:51 GMT
Dam, im owner of the website, and im bottom of the list - woops. Maybe I should start playing more (instead of this horrible 'work' thing)  


Friday 26th November 2004, 23:48 GMT
I work too, I do like this site thou... All PHP - i'd love to know the code to go into such a project.  


Sunday 5th December 2004, 14:33 GMT
There isn't that much php code on with this website. You just have to write one page at a time. It also helps if you write the whole website once (to get an idea how it will work) then write it again, making improvements based on the problems you has the previous time.

You should see my content management system - now that is complicated :-P