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Is this supposed to happen?

general ego

Thursday 3rd May 2007, 0:04 GMT
I just had 83 battalions in a well defended country and was beaten with 8 troops. :(

Is that possible? Is it meant to happen in this game?

comrade tiki

Thursday 3rd May 2007, 0:40 GMT
Everything is possible...and the enemy had a resounding success. (It's slight motivation to have a backup plan)

You most likely won't see that ever again in your gaming career, though, according to probability.


Thursday 3rd May 2007, 18:12 GMT
Hi general ego,

If you know a bit about coding, have a look at:

It has the calculations used in the game... the bonuses for the territories are also listed on that page.

general ego

Thursday 3rd May 2007, 19:47 GMT
O_o lol nope dunno anything about code. :P

I was on Rock which has great defences. It just seemd impossible to me is all.

comrade tiki

Friday 4th May 2007, 3:07 GMT
Ah, yes, the defences:

They enhance the perceived strength of your force. With a boost of 4, they behave like 150% of what you had.
Also, when you successfully defend, the defence bonus can reduce your force's casualties.

...Which means your defeat was even less likely. :-P

I'm sorry it was a possibility, but it was.

general ego

Friday 4th May 2007, 12:07 GMT
:D No matter. Ill get him next time. :P