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Idle thoughts - dominating algorithms

comrade tiki

Tuesday 25th March 2008, 5:40 GMT
I'm sortof bored and curious as to how YOU would instruct something like a computer on how to conquer the world! Interesting to find out where there would be flaws. I'll start, and name it Fred:
- Reinforce every 1 reinforcement delay
- Advance any actions one action delay
- Check owned territory counts every two action delays.
-- If there's one less than 8, check each neighbouring owned territory
--- If the neighbouring owned territory has more than three times the deficient territory, send one half
- If an owned territory has more than 24 battalions and the owned territory count is at least under one eighth the total owned battalions (being reinforced), send all over 24 to the first available action territory (attack clockwise, then conquer clockwise, then move [seeing as the territory matrices are listed by clockwise connections])
- On defence report, check last listed action territory (move from counterclockwise) and send one quarter of stationed battalions

How about you?


Tuesday 25th March 2008, 19:14 GMT
I presume for this you are referring to creating an AI player.

comrade tiki

Wednesday 26th March 2008, 2:31 GMT
That is essentially the idea, although the existence of an AI in Domination isn't at all to be expected. (If it were implemented, for perhaps filling up human games or providing entertainment when all others are offline, ideas from such a thread could prove useful, but as it's not planned nor quite worth the effort which would delay Version 4, this thread is more like idle speculation for the sake of fun.)

For example, I know my algorithm Fred would likely beat any one player just by being able to reinforce every single reinforcement opportunity! Unless, of course, a delay of 0 caused it to never reinforce at all... oh well. The idea here is to create a simple guideline for how you'd win on Domination using the simplest of information.