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Ideal Troop Movement Discussion

comrade tiki

Tuesday 8th April 2008, 9:23 GMT
There's a certain issue, folks, of troop movement. It's somewhat shakey. Under 100 battalions, you choose the number from a drop-down menu. Over 100, and you get to type the quantity in.

I like the drop down, as I'm sure many do. But there are huge problems when there's a ton of battalions involved. Type-in works fine for this. But there's always the issue of inconsistency. Sometimes you'll be expecting a text field when your troops are few enough for a drop box, and often you may expect a drop box but be surprised to see the text field.

This thread's for pondering a way to present movements better. I've had a couple of ideas myself and am interested in what other people think about them:

comrade tiki

Tuesday 8th April 2008, 9:24 GMT
- Division drop-down:
If you have 1000 battalions in a territory, clearly 501 battalions and 503 battalions don't make much of a difference to you. This method would simplify your drop-down field, if there's a lot of battalions, to simpler intervals. So you may see something like 1 through 10 and then intervals of 10 until it reaches a large enough number. This could annoy you if you want to send, say, exactly one third. But it could work on the fly. It's very simple, merely an adaptation of the existing low-count drop-down box.
(For those that don't remember, older versions of Domination would either cut it off at 500 or read out -all- battlions in each drop-down box. Well, I tested THAT method some, and at 23000 battalions it took nearly forever to load a single action page!)

- Fraction text-field:
An interesting concept to say the least. Instead of calculating 1/4 of 283 battalions, you simply type a 1 into the numerator field and 4 into the denominator field. 1/1 would be all possible battalions. By default the fields could say 0 numerator and have max battalions (283) as the denominator. Or both just be empty, or only have the max battalions denominator filled in, or whatever is easiest to use on the go.
I think that multiple simultaneous movements could be useful for this fraction idea as well. As in, one existing "go" would send all typed-in actions for you at once. Useful for splitting armies in fractions.
Oh, and if you typed in too large of a fraction (5/4 or so) it would tell you (like it currently does) that you can't send that many battalions.


Friday 21st November 2008, 18:29 GMT
I am not a high scoring player but I understand the idea and I think it is a great one but weather or not the desiner would add it to the game is another mader.