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I got an idea


Friday 17th June 2005, 23:41 GMT
 Maybe if we could organize tournament games where you get lots of points at a time when most people are around    


Saturday 18th June 2005, 16:42 GMT
but when are there een more than one or two on?

what re the best times

i ind that best times for me are late riday (GMT) or the weekends but i don't know for anyone else

- JC  


Tuesday 21st June 2005, 20:28 GMT
the weekends are prob the best time for most ppl (they are for me)  


Wednesday 14th December 2005, 22:08 GMT
I really like the idea of a challenging game :)
Even three players can be fun, if we play in a fast game.. What times can you guys be online? (post in GMT plz)
I can be online in weekends between 9AM and say 11PM GMT
So if we decide to play in the weekend, i will most likely be able to play :)  

ace of war

Monday 17th December 2007, 22:07 GMT
hey guys i think think thats a graet idea by the way but some of us live in diferent areas like me im in the eastern USA and in a diferent time zone, i realy think we need mre advertisement of this website!