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Help a new player out.


Wednesday 18th June 2003, 8:17 GMT
im just lookin for some advice from some expirienced domination players. and since eliminos seem to be the reigning chamop, i would like some info from him mostly lol. but since i think it was krang that made the game, feed back from him would be nice too. thanks a bunch.



Wednesday 18th June 2003, 18:05 GMT
Umm advice, well what do you want advice on?

e.g. Iceland is the best place to start a game in because its small (people don?t notice it), you get quite a few reinforcements per search and only 3 territories can attack it!  


Friday 20th June 2003, 16:21 GMT
Check your messages, I sent my tactics to you :)  


Friday 30th January 2004, 5:12 GMT
hey hows it goin people im new here and i need a few tips for example i seem to attacking countries and not getting anywhere.
also how long does it take for a move to take effect?

thanks for any info u give me wulf out  


Saturday 31st January 2004, 3:58 GMT
Its best to send about 18 battalions when you're conquering a new territory.

The time it takes for an action to be completed is listed in the Game Info.  Unfortunately its all in seconds.  


Sunday 1st February 2004, 13:33 GMT
ah, new n00bs for the killing   >=D