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Girl Power Rules


Thursday 11th January 2007, 19:02 GMT
Yesssss! I'm No.1 - Queen of the World! (At least for a few days....)


Thursday 11th January 2007, 21:37 GMT
You've probably been the No.1 Queen of the World for many weeks. But being the No.1 King of the World is a different story!


Friday 12th January 2007, 18:38 GMT
Well done empresscatalina!

Although perhaps its not a good idea to advertise the fact... tiki will be after you (in more ways than one).

Only joking Miss Songlore (tiki is a good man - look after him).


Monday 15th January 2007, 13:50 GMT
As I said before, score doesn't matter. But If U meet real pain in the .. battlefield ;-)
This matters.



Monday 15th January 2007, 13:51 GMT
Is said: U can't kick with score


Thursday 18th January 2007, 13:04 GMT

I have no idea how long I was up on top, but well done on getting above.

Now... If the score shaving wasnt on you'd still have a lot of work to do, at one point I was over 100,000 Points.

Well done,

- Ojmsites


Thursday 18th January 2007, 13:11 GMT
Apparently around 26 months so must be someone elses turn. (going my a previous post on the forum [])

comrade tiki

Thursday 18th January 2007, 21:42 GMT
(Good ol' score shaving...)

And a good thing the statement at the bottom of the scoreboard says "they" instead of "he"!

j lorenz

Sunday 21st January 2007, 18:15 GMT
I, Comrade Tiki, welcome your surrender in Game 1.


Sunday 21st January 2007, 18:20 GMT
Ah, t'was a good diversion from the normal difficult opponent

j lorenz

Sunday 21st January 2007, 18:22 GMT
...Opportunist! Rejoining upon one's enemy's borders out of all of Africa to thrive! :-P


Friday 26th January 2007, 3:46 GMT
Any one want to join my game(#2)??? I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty much a tactical genius when it comes to strategy... however, I new to Domination Game, so my score is pretty low. I want to see if anyone here, especially EmpressCatalina, can beat me. The game is limited two four players, not counting me, and is well stacked in my favor from the beginning. There are ZERO delays though, so you can get quite a few men in a short amount of time. If you can beat me, I will relinquish my seat as supreme tactical genius and hand it over to you. We can create a sort of side competition... whoever defeates the current STG (supreme tactical genius) becomes the new one and the cycle continues from there. What do you think???

P.S. NO, my ego isn't that huge!