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Sunday 27th January 2002, 18:05 GMT
Don't set everything to 1 second delay.

Anyone can easly conquer the whole world in under an hour when your not around to defend yourself, so always add a higher delay like the defaults.

Whoever created game 4 will soon notice that problem. :P


Sunday 27th January 2002, 18:07 GMT
Might be fun for a 1 v 1 DM though. :)


Tuesday 29th January 2002, 9:37 GMT
As attacking depends on the amount of battalions there are in the enemy territory, try sending one then on the report page, it tells you how many battalions they will face.

This is an added feature that you don't get in battle, but it can be useful when deciding how many battalions you should send.


Friday 21st February 2003, 10:24 GMT
They good when u want quick points,

Not me of course  *innocent face*


Friday 21st September 2007, 10:48 GMT
knowing what the hell is going on is very important. coz i have no idea


Saturday 22nd September 2007, 4:35 GMT
Ah, have you tried viewing the Help page? It's great for getting you into a game and understanding exactly what this game is. (Like a version of online Risk.)

You can gain battalions by reinforcing, and then send them to empty (black) territories to conquer them, hopefully successfully. It's pretty much self-explanatory after that. Make sure that once you join a game you view the Map link. It lets you know what's going on.