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Sunday 3rd December 2006, 5:34 GMT
Where can I find the manual (yeah, right!) or some advice? This game is not very newbie friendly :P


Sunday 3rd December 2006, 10:16 GMT
Perhaps we could have a seperate league, or at least ring-fenced games for newbies so they can play without being blitzed by more experienced players. There seems to be a lot of players who only make a brief appearance, get blitzed and are never seen again


Sunday 3rd December 2006, 19:08 GMT
There used to be a manual, but became a real ball ache to maintain... and to be fair, not many people actually read it.

I might have another go at making a manual, but any help from the regulars would be greatly appreciated... If anyone is up for that, it just need to be a bit of text, I can turn it into a web page and add the relevant screen shots.

miss songlore

Monday 4th December 2006, 1:24 GMT
*was blitzed*
then again I was too ill to get to the computer for a few days. My fault really.


Monday 4th December 2006, 1:40 GMT
Krang, I was watching her screen when she had seen she was blitzed tonight... and there's an error!
(*Hooray!* I feel like Saint Patty driving the last snake from Ireland.)

Here it is in caps:

"You lost...

"Unfortunately, you have lost all of your territories and battalions. You can now join another game, where the ODD'S might be better stacked in your favoUr."

Yep, that's right. Odds should merely be plural. And Favor belongs not on a domain.

I may be tempted in the near future to help for a manual, but lingering exams intrude for the present. By the way, any more consideration for Dominacion internacional?


Monday 4th December 2006, 18:51 GMT
Thank you tiki... however it should become harder for you to find these now, as I have a text editor with spell checking capabilities (aka TextMate).


As to internalisation, that is defiantly possible, although not quite in use yet, the homepage is sort of ready for it, but there is usually allot of text that needs to be translated (usually more than people expect).