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Fight for Freedom


Saturday 2nd June 2007, 5:05 GMT
Help the free world beat of the tsarist hordes of J Lorenz as his barbaric forces lay waste to North America and the very heartlands of democracy in Europe are threatened. Join gmae 5 now and help defeat this evil monster....

j lorenz

Sunday 3rd June 2007, 1:27 GMT
Our armies are bigger than anything you can imagine. For six days, you can watch them pass. Six days! You will run out of numbers and still more of them will come. They're drinking the rivers dry. And at night there are more of their campfires than there are stars in the sky.

If you oppose us, you will be crushed. If you flee us, your lands will be absorbed.


Friday 26th October 2007, 15:43 GMT
Started: Tuesday 20th February 2007, 1:35
Last Used: Friday 26th October 2007, 15:43
Action Delay: 1 week
Reinforcements Delay: 1 day

U are still playing same game. Is it going to take one or more years to finish that game?
amazing endurance, but sounds a bit crazy.

j lorenz

Saturday 27th October 2007, 0:43 GMT
Hehehe, I'm glad someone else noticed the epic nature of this game. The sides are somewhat balanced at the moment - - - Emma gained an ally, I was pushed back, and now I have an ally. I'm guessing it will take some degree of luck to pull off a major turn of the tide.

I like to think of it as a real-time simulation ;-)

j lorenz

Saturday 27th October 2007, 0:44 GMT
...By the way, I've been logging in every day and I STILL don't know why Congo is like that...

officier de reserve

Monday 29th October 2007, 12:27 GMT
It may seem that this is an epic adventure - but as a long term strategical game, then I think it is something special.
As JL says, the game is balanced at the moment,but who knows - a change of alliance, or a new player, could alter the game. As for Congo, perhaps the result of a long forgotten strategic move?

officier de reserve

Sunday 23rd December 2007, 10:37 GMT
Hmmm - an interesting development-and with the game at a critical stage.

j lorenz

Tuesday 25th December 2007, 2:27 GMT
Yep, tactical retreats usually tend to be at critical stages. :-)

We'll see if the regrouping does any good...

j lorenz

Thursday 17th April 2008, 7:14 GMT
Aww, you turned the tide of the battle and won the war... Well done, you have my utmost congratulations. You are the victorious two of the longest game to date - - over 26 months! WOW!