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Eliminos - beating people


Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 18:17 GMT
I will glady assist anyone in comitting suicide, cos thats whats gonna happen when u vs me, and i will have my trusty partner in l33tness, hitman.

So, bring it on :D!  


Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 20:41 GMT
MwHaHaHaHa ;)

BTW, i beat eliminos (just about)  lol  


Wednesday 2nd April 2003, 22:12 GMT
clash of the titans, hitman's gameplay is more reserverd, he does the backup and i do the 'lets rush in a nd commit suicide while taking out a few men'

he also has more than 40 men in the world at any one time  


Thursday 5th June 2003, 17:37 GMT
you only need forty in any territory to take any othetr with less than tripple figures