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Saturday 9th July 2005, 23:38 GMT
So, what do you think?

If you prefer not to publicly humiliate me over an undocumented feature (bug) or spelling mistake, you can always try sending me an email from the "Feedback" form (found in the navigation bar to the right).


Monday 11th July 2005, 17:45 GMT
no humiliation intended;

Fourm to forum


Monday 11th July 2005, 19:37 GMT
Only place I can see that is in the navigation bar, which I have just changed.

Thank you for picking that up - I'm sure there are loads more. I haven't spell checked a single page and only just passed my English GCSE. My excuse is that I have a computer to check it all for me



Thursday 20th October 2005, 23:23 GMT
humiliation intended;

Conqure (territory actions, etc)
relevent(alliance page)
domination (Not capitalised on Scoreboard page?)
recived (view reports)
Unfortunatly (alliance page)
permently (view messages)
annother (send message)
suggestions or (Should have a comma on Feedback page)


Saturday 22nd October 2005, 14:31 GMT
Dam you and your perfect spelling ability.

I have made those changes, and hope they are up to your quality, but if you think that is bad spelling, then you should see the source code!

Anyway, thanks again!


Sunday 23rd October 2005, 7:26 GMT
Dam (Comments thread in forum, krang's second post)

Joking aside, I just went to conquer Northern Europe, and I don't see a result listed. At the top of the page there appears to be a PHP error.


Sunday 23rd October 2005, 7:30 GMT
And apparently it happened again. I lost 15 + 19 battalions. Vanished without a trace. Iceland and Northern Europe must have a superdefense or something!


Wednesday 14th December 2005, 22:32 GMT
It sure is looking good :)
A few things:
-I could not find "The Netherlands" on the map, we're part of Germany!! Change that immediately :P (j/k)
-There is no help function, like on the old game
-Are there any differences between the races, or is it just the color?
-Map: It's new GuInea, not gunea :)
-No standby battalions?

These are all i could find.. (btw, i'm thinkerman from the old domination game :D)


Thursday 15th December 2005, 9:12 GMT
Just noticed, the last post time isn't updated, it is the time this topic was created: 10/07/2005 00:38, not the time of the last post: Wednesday 14th December 2005, 23:32


Monday 26th December 2005, 19:39 GMT
Sorry for the delay (been a little busy). Anyway...

Comrade Tiki: I've fixed that bug (done quite quite a while ago), so thank-you to picking it up. It happened when I did a search and replace for the spelling of "conquer", but did not think to change the name of the file.

TB: The new map has a few changes to be made (its not correct in any way, shape or form). The help feature might come back, but as you may nave noticed, I'm not very good talking to humans (I prefer computers). All the races are the same, its just a name and a colour found on the map. Finally the standby battalions have been removed as its one more thing to teach people (the idea of this version is to make game play as easy as possible).

And TB, thank-you for noticing that problem with the form, I've just fixed it.

comrade tiki

Saturday 7th January 2006, 0:47 GMT
The forum archive didn't translate flawlessly. They seem somewhat useless now, more like a burden than an active place for discussion.

I am curious, have you thought about any of the following things?
- Wiping current forum topics
- Having a local forum for each ongoing domination game, accessed via the game info page, and in return making this forum a global forum


Sunday 8th January 2006, 10:47 GMT
I haven't finished the maintenance script, so I should be able to easily be able to add a feature to delete forum strings which don't have an entry less than 6 months old.

As to the game form, nice idea, but will have to wait for a few weeks as the new year has begun with more projects taking up my spare time (and they pay money).

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions Comrade Tiki!


Sunday 15th January 2006, 0:25 GMT
You might not notice, so I will point it out... I have just uploaded a tweaked version of Domination, there is a style sheet called "small".

This should be used when you print a page, or try to use something like a handheld (e.g. phone) to access the site.

Not done any testing, so feedback would be great.