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Domination v3


Monday 2nd May 2005, 4:19 GMT
well i was talking to krang and he is adding even MORE to the game.. we're talking about more maps.. being able to make bigger alliances.. and possibly something else.. (You start a game and the country you originally pick is the only country you can recruit batts from).  So start playing again and get your friends to play!!!!  


Monday 2nd May 2005, 19:05 GMT
Dam you, cant you keep anything quiet?

Well as its out, anyone got any ideas before I begin to cleanup and prepear for the beta?  


Saturday 18th June 2005, 22:45 GMT
I am hope to have the next version finished soon. I will be putting this on a new server, and will need some beta testing.

When the time is ready, I will let you know when you can test the system, then after everyone is happy, the scores will be reset, and all accounts transfered.

The date for the final transfer will be published on this website, so [b]hopefully[/b] quite a few people will be around to play.

Thank you for your patience,
I hope the changes will be worth it.  


Sunday 19th June 2005, 20:15 GMT
I will promote it if I can through some programs I am in.. If you have banners I could stick them in and try and get some people interested that way.

If you want a beta tester, i'd sure like a go.. I do enjoy the game, love its in PHP as i think the language is great just don't have the attitude to keep at it to make a game... or an idea.

- JC  


Monday 20th June 2005, 18:46 GMT
I will look into making some banners, but to be honest it might be worth you having a go, I cant design anything - even this website was designed by a friend (with inspiration from civilization).

But it would be great to have you as a beta tester. I hope it wont be long now... its quite annoying having nearly finished it, but having to work on other things.  


Tuesday 21st June 2005, 20:27 GMT
I'd also love to be a beta tester!  


Sunday 10th July 2005, 0:23 GMT
Ok, lets see what happens...

I haven't really tested this, nore have I played a whole game, so I'm pretty sure it will come falling to the ground in a burning mass.

Anyway, you can now try out the next version of domination (v3) at:

Please note that you will need to create new accounts, and they will be deleted when this version (v2) is decommissioned.  


Monday 11th July 2005, 17:46 GMT
when do you hink thi game will shut down (v2)  


Monday 11th July 2005, 19:11 GMT
Not sure, it depends how many bugs appear, and when I can finish adding the remaining features to the new version.

I am also looking into the possibility of copying all the running games over - which will be quite interesting to-do, as the database structure has changed quite a bit.