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Bug - Reinforcements


Sunday 29th February 2004, 21:43 GMT
Ok, there has been a mention of a reinforcement bug on domination relating to the time zones (thanks to daf, whitehawk and tfe).

From what I understand is that if you set the time zone to something like (-6), it will allow you to search for as many battalions as you want without a time penalty. I though I found the solution to the problem a few weeks ago, but I am unsure if it has now been cured (can anyone confirm if this is the case)

Can you post any information you may have about this issue - I continue to search though the code to find out why this is occurring (but no luck so far).

Currently I would like to know....

The text which says when you can next search, is that correct for the game?

Does it matter what speed the game is? - Well except death match which doesn't have a delay.

Does this occur when searching though the 'Main Window' or though the 'New Window'?  


Monday 1st March 2004, 1:13 GMT
This is a different bug to the one I found.  That one is related to slow loading times.  


Monday 1st March 2004, 7:19 GMT
Ahh, ok, how does that work then?  


Monday 1st March 2004, 8:46 GMT
Just clicking the reinforcement button lots, in between when it starts uploading the page and it actually appears.  


Tuesday 2nd March 2004, 18:57 GMT
Is that for slow or fast games? (ie does it have a long time for reinforcements normally)

Is it in the 'Main Window' or using the 'Reinforcements Window'?

If you let the page load, does it stop you from searching for more battalions, or does refreshing that page allow you to continue?

Does this bug (feature) only work at certain times of the day (ie is it related to the time zone)

Sorry for these questions, but I can't find a way to reproduce the problem  


Wednesday 3rd March 2004, 3:34 GMT
Krang, try leaving your time on for -12 for a while. It will subtract twelve, and this causes a clock error depending on GMT's time.

The action ETAs are correct, but the counting clock can be negative. When you have a negative time, it's easiest to tab over to enter and tap many times. This is the slow loading bug of reinforcements. It is done in bursts, it won't let you get reinforcements after the page loads. And WH, I have enough personal reason to be suspicious since you know about it, truce

It is possible to get reinforcements to the limit you can tap enter in a short time when negative.  


Wednesday 3rd March 2004, 3:35 GMT
For all games, all times of the day.  Internet Explorer ... can't remember which version I'm using.  Watch the blue bar at the bottom which marks how much of the page is loaded.  Once it loads the page with the new reinforcement details you still have to wait.  Hitting refresh at this point lets you search again without waiting.  


Monday 8th March 2004, 19:49 GMT
Ok, I've been looking though the code again...

'the counting clock can be negative' (mp)

This now uses a proper date function instead of some tacky maths, so it should hopefully be fixed now.

As to the reinforcements, I can't seem to find any problems with the script, nore can I replicate it. What you describe is a way to trick the 'client-side' scripting (what goes on in your browser) which shouldn't affect the 'server-side' scripting which checks the database to see if you can perform a search.

I wont stop looking, but I'm sure I fixed this problem a few weeks ago when I did find a typo in the code.

Also, mp, why would I put it in on purpose? As I've got access to the database, I can put in any amount of battalions in any territory I choose, but despite this ability, I have never used it as, well what's the point in cheating?

So, can anyone try to confirm if the bug still exists or let me know if I've have managed to cure it.  


Friday 12th March 2004, 23:08 GMT
...Oh, no, when I said that you did that on purpose I was in reference to that other issue with the double-starting territories, after everything got messed up upon logging in, and the phantom red territory you formerly occupied.

Because it was humorously possible for you to not want to be defeated =p  


Saturday 13th March 2004, 18:13 GMT
Yeh, I wish...

I know I'm no good at playing my own game and am repeatedly beaten at it. But I can assure you that the problem was nothing to-do with me, but more to-do with the server deciding not to 'unlock a table'. I've now managed to create a little function which now checks that every table is in good working order every time a page is loaded  



Friday 9th April 2004, 8:23 GMT
Ok, maybe not quite everything was as it seemed, the bug was later found again, but has not been fixed. The reason, I cant quite work out, but it involved a mathematical equation  

1081485278 + 3600

For those non programmers out there, it is the amount of time since January 1 1970 (the UNIX timestamp) plus an hour of seconds. Really computers should be able to work this out, but the method I was using, obviously didn't work.

Either way, the bug seems to have been fixed, thanks to 'tiki', 'mp' and 'whitehawk', who will now receive 150 (3 x 50) standby battalions each despite the fact they used this 'cheat'.  


Thursday 5th August 2004, 14:50 GMT
there is still a bug in the reinforcements system. try to press tab till you come at the 'search' button, then press 'enter' and hold it down for some time. the next page keeps loading, till you release the button, then the next page loads, and suddenly you got dozens of battalions...
i think the sollution would be to save the last time someone searched for reinforcements, and than check if the time is different when you search again for reinforcements. In that case you can't search for reinforcements twice in the same second, but at least this bug would be gone (i think..)  


Thursday 5th August 2004, 18:37 GMT
Dam, it should already do that (check the time server side).

I take it that you are using the 'ever buggy' IE.  


Thursday 5th August 2004, 18:47 GMT
Which game were you in at the time when this occured? and was it a death match?  


Saturday 7th August 2004, 0:27 GMT
I don't really remember, think it was 9, and it wasn't a deathmatch..  


Saturday 7th August 2004, 0:31 GMT
and i am indeed using M$'s Internet 'I'm Bill Gates and i want to earn more money than i already have, so i sell crappy products for an insanely high price' Explorer  


Sunday 8th August 2004, 11:24 GMT
Why dont you use firefox?

Its improved so much in the past few months. There used to be a time when it showed all websites using web standards as a general mess, so, as hardly any website uses standards, it was conisdered 'broke'.  

Anyway, that has now been corrected, with there use of 'standards', 'near standards' and 'qwerks mode'. Also (in comparision to IE), it is a hell of a lot more secure, and it can be ported to other operating systems (eg Linux), and it has tabbed browsing, and it has a built in popup blocker, and it has a brilliant 'extentions' system, and it can be easily skinned (to look how you want it to), and it rendards pages faster... I think thats it  


Anyway, thats not the problem to this bug in this game.

How do you search for reinforcments? - using the 'main window' or using a popup ('new window')?  


Tuesday 24th August 2004, 14:36 GMT
i do that at home, but at the moment of playing i wasn't at home :P

and i always use the main window..