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Bug - Game 21 Missing?


Sunday 29th February 2004, 22:00 GMT
Currently I know the following members were playing when something happened to game 21 (well one of the tables in the database)...

Yellow - kelden (ziron ally)
Red - ziron (kelden ally)
Blue - mtoure2
Turquoise - neeke
Dark Purple - borghese
Light Purple - daisy
Dark Green - doubledown56
Light Green - noturno

And a mystery player in Orange / Gold who owned...

South Africa
Southern Europe
Eastern United States
Northern Europe

I also know that 'darj' was a player and was part of an alliance with 'mp'.

'mp' won on the 25th February 2004 00:45:33 (GMT) and 'darj' logged-in and took his winnings on 26th February 2003 21:39:57 (GMT).  

But when 'darj' logged in, it threw up some errors (i.e. the territories were not cleaned out).

Now, at the same time the MySQL table remained 'locked' and had to be 'refreshed' when the following error occurred...

#1016 - Can't open file: 'dom_map.MYD'. (errno: 145)

Now, if anyone has any information about what happened in the game at this time or has any experience with this MySQL problem, can you please let me know ASAP as I don't want it to happen again.

Thanks for your time,


Wednesday 3rd March 2004, 3:29 GMT
I was hazard orange, but I think I owned more than that. I was allied with Darj, darj was dark red and occupied australia and I accidently blocked him off there, so I was hoping someone would charge into me and free him.

The listed territories make an odd map. Eastern north america, mid europe, southern africa, and kamchatka region all seperate? Are these told only because they contained action?

If I remember, I, orangish, charged into south america and africa, took two enemies, and then last claimed madegascar, and won the game. I even took a screenshot, lucky you! Game 21 should be gone after blitzing madegascar with 70 or so battalions, I don't know what the errors are.  


Friday 9th April 2004, 8:11 GMT
Ok, the reason for this problem seemed to be that MySQL (which runs the database behind Domination) managed to lock a table (after a query was made - normal behaviour) but forgot to unlock it when it had finished (abnormal).

A new piece of code has been added now which will check to make sure that every table is still unlocked every time a page is loaded (i.e., it shouldn't happen again).