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Be scared


Friday 11th March 2005, 18:27 GMT
I'm back little children and ive brought a friend to assist the rampage.  Thebrain is my friend.  We started a game in game #47 so bring it kids.  It's deathmatch rules so the game wont get all long and boring.  I see that there is some competition.. thats why im back.  Mainly andy008 or w/e his name is.  I said i'd come back when I thought my #1 spot would be threatened.  So now join game 47 to feel my wrath!  And just so people know,  if you join game 47 and attack thebrain without a reason.. I will kill you and wont stop killing you. That means if you join a different game I'll join it and keep killing you.  Thanks for understanding.  Have fun and remember that I own this game :)  


Saturday 18th June 2005, 16:44 GMT
I don't see that as any sort of a threat... but maybe thats just me.  


Wednesday 2nd August 2006, 21:50 GMT
Where is this game 47?


Thursday 3rd August 2006, 18:31 GMT
Sorry elfman,

That game has now finished. However you can currently join games 1-5 on the "Join Game" page.

NOTE: please check how long an action takes in each game to get an idea how long the whole game will last.


Friday 4th August 2006, 2:24 GMT
OO.  Im in a game now, Im think im winning too.  =)