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Balancing Suggestion


Sunday 20th March 2011, 7:18 GMT
Say if troops move from leningrad to belarus. then those two territories are captured. then if they are moved, they could ping pong back and forth...

make it so they can't be moved.

say they are unsupplied or someting


Monday 21st March 2011, 9:37 GMT
Are you referring to the case where you own both territories, and start a move of battalions from one to the other, then before the move completes, both territories are conquered by another player?

If so, it is a technique that I've used a couple of times... it does confuse the enemy when you have lots of pending actions, they take over most of the map, then you complete those actions... I know it's a bit a surprise to them, and I think of it as though the battalions have been sent on their way, but to wait (in the hills) until they get the command to attack.


Friday 25th March 2011, 21:44 GMT
yeah. it's a bit unrealistic and frustrating