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Auto Game Creation


Thursday 5th June 2003, 18:49 GMT
Ok, I want to see what your response is to this before I go ahead and start programming...

One of the problems currently on domination is that people are rarely online at the same time to battle against each other ? so domination can seem to be quite boring unless you have friend to play, or you are in a slow game.

A solution to this could be?

* A script will create a game to open at a random date and time
* Date/time will be put on the website so people know when it opens.  
* The script sends every member not in a game the details via email
* When the specified time is reached, it will allow the members to join


Friday 6th June 2003, 8:05 GMT
great idea  


Wednesday 18th June 2003, 8:01 GMT
that is a very good ide. i just found the game, and already find myself sadly addicted lol. good luck with that script. i hope to conquer everything soon :)  


Wednesday 18th June 2003, 8:15 GMT
i didnt realize unitl a couple minutes ago, when i was re-reading the forums, that the last post before me, was done just yesterday, and that this in fact, is not a dead game lol  


Wednesday 25th June 2003, 10:39 GMT
Ok the script is in place and so far I've found no bugs - YET!

Now at 6PM (GMT), the Maintenance script will be executed and will generate a random number between 1 and 6. If the random number is set to 1 a game will be created.

The game will be created for the next day at a random time - so people all around the world can take advantage of this. Then 20 random members who are not in a game, have a valid email address and have chosen to receive invitations (well notices about a new game) will be sent an email with the games details.

Also the details for these games will appear in a table on the 'Main' page under the yellow form for selecting which game you wish to join (so people who didn't receive the email can still know when to join)

You may notice that a game can only hold 10 players, while I'm inviting 20 - this is because quite a few people will either not be interested or wont be able to play (i.e. its at a stupid time at night)

For Those members who don't want to receive these notices can go to the 'setup' area and disable it.