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Another new Map ?


Friday 21st November 2008, 18:34 GMT
Im from America and im sure some of you are too, but with the resent britin map added i feel that maybe with one of you great computer designers could make an American map likewise of the civilwar teritories, please reply and tell me what you think.

comrade tiki

Friday 21st November 2008, 22:05 GMT
A North America map has been talked about in the past... It's surprisingly suitable for territorial restrictions because it can be isolated to the three extremities (Alaska, Quebec, and Mexico).

I have been a little hesitant, though, for two reasons:

- The State boundaries within the United States are very ugly and artificial for the most part, also not accurately representing the ability to march across the terrain in the way our battalions do.

(Louisiana --> New Mexico <through the width of Texas> is the same distance as New Mexico --> Kansas <through the little panhandle of Oklahoma>)

Second reason is minor but always present, politics. When making a map, there's always the wonder of whether or not you're going to offend someone by, say, simplifying the Oklahoma panhandle (or splitting Texas in two)!

Using the artificial borders (although I really prefer river borders or military borders) would making New Jersey be part of Pennsylvania be acceptable?

From the sizes of states, I would also merge Maryland, Delaware, D.C., and West Virginia together! But what to call it?

This is always a difficulty. When making the Britannia map, I was faced with making Ireland a playable region. I solved dividing that sensitive region by using the most neutral of all devices: soil samples. The subdivisions were later named after the largest city toward the center of each territory.