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Wednesday 18th June 2003, 21:56 GMT
Hello, is there any banner I could use to advertise the game. I've only played a few days but really enjoy it and would like to catch people online to play instead of just killing whoever has left it playing.

Anyone? I noticed the referal link - i liked that idea.

Any help appreciated.

From John (ojmsites)  


Friday 20th June 2003, 16:17 GMT
At the moment there isn't because im not very good with graphics - the design of this website was thanks to Dave @

When I next see him Ill see if he can make me one up - in the mean time I suppose you could take a screen shot and cut up the image at the top to the size you want

- From that statement, it proves without a doubt im not any good with graphics :P  


Saturday 21st June 2003, 13:30 GMT
OK, will do.. I do enjoy playing